Mrs. Hunt

Hello and Welcome To Our Classroom Website

  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Located on the left of your screen, you will find a link which allows you to contact me via email.  If you prefer to speak to me, you may call the school at   729-2748.  My planning time is 11:15-12:00. 

Thank you for sharing your children with me! 

About me: I'm Charlene Hunt. Before I became a teacher, I was self-employed at L&L Video for 26 years and I was also a real estate agent at Coble Realty in Centerville. My husband Joey and I have 6 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law, and 1 grandson. We love them all dearly!!!

 Our Daily Schedule

7:30-8:15- Morning work/breakfast/announcements

8:10-9:40- Period 1

9:40-11:10- snack/restroom/ Period 2

11:15-12:00- Enrichment

12:00-12:15- Recess

12:19-12:49- lunch

12:45-1:00- restroom/copy assignments/Teacher reads to students

1:00-2:30- Period 3

2:30- Pack-up

2:40- Dismissal

What you need to know:

Planners, Snack, and Math


Please expect your child to bring their planner home every day. Expect them to have any
homework written down.
  • I will check for parent signatures on planners daily.  Please help your child remember as it encourages organizational skills.

Morning Snacks:

We will have a short snack break in the morning each day.  I am asking that students bring a healthy snack to school each day (no soda or candy please).


Fourth graders must be automatic in the multiplication facts 0-12's.

We need our students to know their multiplication facts! Please see that they practice everyday. This will be a commitment of 10 or less minutes a day.

I’ve encouraged them to practice them right before they go to bed. Research shows that material goes into long term memory, if done right before sleep.

Be creative in your practice:

·      Give your student the facts while driving with them in the car,

·      While preparing dinner,

·      While waiting in line,